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Western Kentucky Timber Management is a professional consulting forester service owned and operated by me, Randy Gardner. My service area extends into Southern Illinois and Western Tennessee.  I have a B.S. in Forestry from Auburn University and 12 years experience as a professional forester in Western Kentucky.

Services Offered:

Timber Marketing and Sales

Selling timber is often an unfamiliar activity for landowners.  Western Kentucky Timber Management can provide valuable assistance. Without good forestry assistance, many woodlots are improperly cut and sold at prices far lower than their true market value. This is primarily due to the woodland owner’s lack of timber sale knowledge. Competitive bidding is the best way to sell timber and bids usually vary substantially. It is not uncommon for bids from different timber buyers on the same trees to vary by thousands of dollars. Western Kentucky Timber Management can help a landowner achieve a fair market price while leaving the stand in a healthy condition for the future.

Western Kentucky Forest Management can prepare the necessary contracts, send out bid notices to reliable timber buyers, help determine which bid to accept, and administer the timber sale. Administering the sale involves inspecting the logging of your woodlot to minimize cutting and skidding damage, develop proper road and landings, and cut only marked trees. It also ensures that the woodlot is left in the condition specified in the contract. It is important that the proper trees be harvested so that the woodlot is improved and remains a valuable asset in the future.

Remember Western Kentucky Timber Management is working for you. Be as clear as possible about your goals and values for your forested land. What are your primary interests in your woodlot?  With this information, proper management planning and operations can help you achieve your goals.

Western Kentucky Timber Management can develop a plan to help you reach your management goals.  The management plan will help identify the resources and opportunities available on your property in terms of financial gain and  long-term enjoyment.  What do you want from your forest?  What do you want your forest to look like in the future?  What about your forest is most important to you?  Forest management planning is a means to identify what can be done to enhance and protect the values and aspects of your property that are most important to you.  These aspects might include wildlife, recreation, aesthetics, timber, inheritance values, and others.

Management Plans

Western Kentucky Timber Management  can give a non-biased assessment  of your timbers “fair market value”.  When is a timber appraisal needed? Whenever someone is buying or selling property, before gifting timberland, when establishing an estate or settling an estate, when selling timber, or when investing in timberland. 

Timber Trespass

In the event of timber theft Western Kentucky Timber Management can be hired to estimate the value of timber removed.


B.S. Forestry, Auburn University 2000

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